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Prospero is

An innovation lab accelerating the development of regenerative landscapes globally 

Our Guiding Inquiry

What will it take to achieve 10x the number of high-quality regenerative landscape initiatives globally within the next 5 years?

Our Process

Is derived from decades of experience bringing senior leaders together to creatively solve systemic challenges


Identify Systemic Challenges

Through working closely with organizations from across the system of landscape development, we identify systemic challenges that are preventing landscapes from reaching their full potential.

Prototype Solutions

We then bring leaders from across the system together in structured innovation processes to develop and launch solutions to these challenges

Challenge #1

How do we create a replicable mechanism for financing landscape development across regions?

Join the Lab

A few of our members.

Over 20 years of experience in green finance across both public and private sectors. One of the world’s leading experts on landscape finance.

Gerhard Mulder

Thought Leader in Landscape Finance

Specialist in sustainable rural development and agriculture. Launching the Mesoamerican Landscape Accelerator.

Michaelyn Baur

Managing Director, Solidaridad REC CAM

A thought-leader focused on enabling the transition to a regenerative global economy Previously Managing Director of JP Morgan where he worked for over 18 years.

John Fullerton

Founder, Capital Institute

Working on large-scale conservation and restoration initiatives across the Amazon, Latin-America and globally.                

Florent Kaiser

Regenerative Impact & Investment Advisor

Thought leader in regenerative investing. Laura’s mission is to make impact investments the rule and not the exception in Mexico. 

Laura Ortiz Montemayor

CEO, SVX Mexico

Senior advisor to NGO’s, startups and multinational retail alike, Jamie is convinced that the market can be reconfigured to be regenerative. Jamie is working with a leading NGO program to identify scaleable interventions for the acceleration of reforestation and is supporting several startups that will form part of the enabling infrastructure.

Jamie Micah Lawrence

Market driven forest restoration, to scale.

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